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1910s Cotton Prairie Dress


Very pretty late 1910s cotton dress, a charming and very wearable piece which makes a nice departure from the more common lace dresses of the period! The dress snaps across the bodice and below the waist to secure, looks great belted and this helps to conceal the simple waist construction and closure. Overall the dress is very sound with cosmetic wear and fade as might be expected from this antiquity, right side of bodice is faded and the skirt shows a little red dye run near the waist and a few scattered marks, (please note I soaked the dress but kept the bodice out of the water to prevent further dye run). Small hole on shoulder under the collar and a tiny hole in the lower back. Sold "as is" and a lovely antique piece despite the obvious wear.

This dress ships First Class worldwide unless by prior arrangement

size: medium (fine for small also if you prefer a draped fit)
bust 34-36" (38" when flat)
bodice length 15"
skirt length 31"
waist 29"
hip open

Please be sure to check your measurements againstĀ those of the dress and feel free to email with additional queries