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1920s-30s Tree Print Robe


A complete favorite from the bunch right here. Beautiful tree print (and teal cotton!) and silk ribbon trim (antique in look and feel), the robe itself seems very, very early 20s but it is perhaps re-sewn/altered later when serge stitching became more common. Wonderful angel-like sleeve! Snap at the bust and connected waist tie to secure, a few additional snaps could be added so that the piece could be worn or converted into a dress, just fantastic print and style!

Condition notes: some wear showing to the corners/edges of the (antique) silk trim in a few places (see close up) with a little fade, not too noticeable in terms of visibility and does not detract at all from the overall fabulous nature of the piece. 


Works for: S-M-L

Bust up to 40" (measures 42" at full extension)
Waist open
Hip up to 48" best fit 
Length 48"

Ships (free in the U.S) Priority Mail.