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Amethyst Velvet Dream Dress / 1920s / Wounded Bird Collection


Far too lovely to be relegated to the 'as is' pile! Fabulous vivid purple chiffon + floral burn out velvet 1920s dress. The longer panel appears to wrap behind the dress and sit in a gathered fashion across the rear, I have pinned the piece with two decorative vintage heart pins (included with the dress), rather than re-attach with stitches. The design could have been a little different and it's possible the panel hung low on the side also. A smaller heart pin conceals a small hole near the bust, feel free to remove! This piece is wearable - with care - and would make a fabulous outfit for a lawn party, soirée or similar event. Also perfect for display, photo shoots, occasional wear and design inspiration. Priced accordingly*

Additional images and information available, please email. 

condition: wearable, presents well. Some tonal shift on the lower torso and hand-stitches at the shoulder and hem where the longer panel extends. Edges of fabric are raw here but that is not noticeable when worn. Two holes near the rear hem of the velvet panel and a few scattered small holes throughout. See all photos. A good slip would mean most of these small holes would be well-concealed. 

*no returns or exchanges on wounded bird pieces, thank you. 


Fit: XS-S
bust 32-34"
waist up to 30"
length 48"
armhole 8"
hip up to 36"