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Embroidered Silk Blouse / 1920s


Fantastic creamy silk 1920s blouse with celluloid buckle and gorgeous diamond embroidery. Buttons at the hip on either side and snaps at the wrists. I soaked and sun dried this piece and it really brightened up beautifully, a little difficult to get all the post-wash wrinkles out but a professional steam would do it. Wear with care, just fabulous. 

condition: very good for the age! A couple tiny pin dots on the tie from where a tab or label must have been pinned, couple loose stitches at the shoulder (easy mend). 


Fit: S-M
Bust 34-38" best fit, measures 42" but best to stay well within seams 
Waist up to 38"
Length 24"
Shoulder 17"
Sleeve 22"