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Taupe Linen Pants


Fabulous floppy mens knickers in a taupe linen, these appear to be very "antique" in style with wonderful handstitching throughout and unique buttons, (my source for these pants believed them to be handmade for "reenactment" purposes and possibly made around the 70s). It is very hard to tell the exact era but they are very well suited to a 1910s-20s style wardrobe. Ladies may wish to add snaps or a couple stitches to the front flap to secure it. Lacing in the rear waist to adjust fit though fit is best for measurements below. Great condition and details, would look perfect cinched with a mens vintage belt!

These pants ship First Class worldwide unless by prior arrangement

size: medium-large
waist 32-34"
hip up to 44"
outer leg 26.5"
inseam 17"
knee 6.5" (this button could be shifted by up to 2" or left unbuttoned)

Please be sure to check your measurements againstĀ those of the piece and feel free to email with additional queries