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Weekly Notes


Sustainability of a small business is on my mind all the time but never more than in the past 12 months where I have come so so close to packing it all in and dusting off my non-existent resumé. However, what I came to realize was that I wasn't "failing", I was making bad choices. Choices that might be perfect for some businesses but not necessarily my own. 2017 has been somewhat of a "year of recovery" for my business from some classic small business mistakes, we all make them, some more than others but the most important thing is...

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Hello everyone- as I sit here I think, is this the right platform to talk about business and it's challenges, is it right for me to actually voice these concerns? I think in some ways no but in other ways yes so here goes. I know that many self-employed people will find what I am about to say incredibly true for themselves, others maybe not but many I suspect beneath the exterior of what we share online find the "struggle" very, very real.... I don't wish this piece of writing to come across as "whiney", I am incredibly grateful for...

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The floral collaboration!

Hello! Thought I'd share with you one of the shots taken from our shoot before Maayan's beautiful backgrounds were added! It was so difficult to choose the picture as Lucy looked so wonderful in all of them! I hope you enjoy this photo series and the collection as well, it's full of almost every era or at least my favorite ones :) Amy x

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Fall floral shoot

Exciting collection upcoming! This morning I worked on such an inspiring photo shoot with a wonderful model, photographer and textile'll be late November when the images and collection are released online and I hope you will love them as much as I already do! florals from the this space! Amy x

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new inventory coming!

Hello! online additions were a little sparse the past 2 months, I actually got away a lot this summer which was super great but not so great for my business! however, these trips away usually result in a few great buys and this past week I did some hunting in upstate New York. It's been slightly difficult to find the older pieces lately, I do believe they are becoming rarer but you need to just find treasures when you can and I am more than happy with some of the more 'modern' vintage I just picked up! Coming up are...

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