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Studio Portrait in Deco Era Frame / 1939


The prestigious Bachrach Studio has been in business since 1868 and is recognized as one of the oldest continuously operated photography studios in the world. You'll keep this frame forever (and makes the mass-produced flimsy frames these days pale in comparison). Backed in a rich bronze-tone velvet with a stand or a hanging wire so you can choose your display on a table or wall The photo is marked "Bachrach 1939". This frame really is a quality early-era piece, and even after 90 years it is still very sturdy! A wonderful piece of history (& fashion history) here.

More about Bachrach Studio.

condition: the frame is in excellent condition, some watermarks on the photo matting and care is needed when moving the frame too regularly as the small ball beads acting as stand are not soldered. 


11 x 14"