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Golden Leaf Mesh Set / c.1940s


An extremely unique early mesh choker & bracelet set, the leaves are hand-stamped with dotted detail, crafted from a brass-tone material, the leaves are fairly shiny and the set looks absolutely wonderful on! Necklace is comfortable and I believe is designed to sit low near the clavicle. Simple fold-over clasp mechanism to secure. Bracelet expands with a stretch internal mesh to fit over the hand. Fits snugly when on. Just excellent. Appears brighter in these images, mesh is more of a brass-like tone, leaves are golden (see condition notes below). Similar to brass leaf jewelry from the 1940s period. Reminds me very much of a Victorian mesh snake in my own collection, has an "early feel" but difficult to date exactly due to no markings.

condition: very good, some tarnishing from wear, which I cleaned & brightened a little. Could possibly be brighter if professionally cleaned. Bracelet a little darker than necklace.


bracelet: stretches to fit over the hand, measures 3.5" across when stretched to the maximum