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Sasha Gauze Jumpsuit OSFM / 1970s


I didn't realize when I found this beauty that it had such potential to fit so many bodies! Fantastic silhouette, cinchable with the tie which nicely matches the khaki trim on the cuffs and collar. Jumpsuit is not pinned on the small mannequin. Expanding fit with wonderful soft fabric. Elastic leg hems, fitted cuffs. Killer piece with endless fit possibilities! Made by Sasha. 

condition: excellent, brownish tinge to the khaki trim & tie. 


Fit: M-L-XL-2XL
Bust range 36-60+
Waist open
Length, shoulder to leg elastic 54"
Hip open
Shoulder 16-17" max

Slip measures up to 40" in the bust and 44" in the hip.