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A.Silkman Portrait / c.1980s


The largest portrait I have found for the shop so far and one of my favorites. Young Black woman wearing casual jeans & t shirt, great detail in the jewelry, including earrings and a ring. Painted by Arthur Silkman (1919-2005), I did not find a lot of information about Silkman online, I did find this excerpt about his painting style below which has been reposted on various auction sites. This example is oil painted on canvas board, custom frame. Bold color and great detail, wonderful large piece. 

The artist was awarded with The Grumbacher Art Award at the Arts Interaction 9th Annual Spring Show in 1987. Drawn with the freshness reminiscent of the French school - large areas of color, economical - it maintains a sense of meditative ease immediately evident to the viewer, despite its traditional composition. Perfectly rendered, neither over worked nor underworked, Silkman intricately addresses certain parts of the work, loosely filling in the others.

Pick up or delivery available in Brooklyn, Manhattan areas. 

condition: great, a few spots of white on the face area but appears to be paint so likely original to the piece.


19 x 29"
w/ frame 22 x 29"