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Deco Velvet Robe or Wrap Dress / 1933-35 / Wounded Bird Collection


I had thought this stunning robe could be 1920s but found the NRA -Undergarment & Negligee- (National Recovery Administration, blue eagle) label near the hem and am pleased to say it now dates squarely in the 1933-35 range. GORGEOUS deco-print velvet and kimono sleeve, intact matching tie so the piece can be worn as a dress, fairly open fit but snaps could be added to make closure of the piece more secure. Truly beautiful fashion history moment right here. Completely wearable, all nibbles are concealed by the fabric and print and only seen when the velvet is held up to the light. Priced accordingly*

Additional images and information available, please email. 

condition: very wearable, presents well. Areas of moth nibbles, most are scattered, small & approximately 1-2mm in size. Clustered area near lower front section (pictured) but again, not visible when worn only when held up to the light. Small tear near hem. Velvet (and a fab print) are the great concealers of issues. 

*no returns or exchanges on the wounded bird collection, thank you.


Fit: M-L (depending how loose you'd like the fit, fine for a slouchy S too)
bust open, best fit range 34-38"
waist open, best up to 30-31" when snap is secured
length 53"
shoulder, no seam, best up to 16"
hip up to 44"