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Persian Zipper Dress / 1960s


Beautiful vintage dress made from Imported "Persian" fabric, the label is quite worn and faded making it difficult to read. The zipper at the neckline could easily be on an early era piece but the cut appears to be 1960s. The dress is a petite fit and was fairly hard to get into to, so I had a side zipper inserted for easier access! The dress was soaked in cold water and brightened up nicely, a little tonal change in the fabric but overall so lovely, I wish I could fit this as I'd never sell!

condition: good, cleaned and ready to wear with a couple of hand repairs to seams under the arm + hem lining. overall tidy!


Bust 30-32"
Waist 26-27"
Hip up to 36"
Length 45"
Armhole 7"
Sleeve 21"
Shoulder 15"